• DragoonCafe

    Lots of folks want a Food Truck Roundup on the eastside; who's interested?

    Looking at a Safeway plaza near Houghton & Rita Ranch - for Fridays from 12p - 7p? Maybe start at the end of February? Looking to do it it every week & if successful, could add other days?

    Now, you wouldn't necessarily be required to be there every week, but we want to have a good mix of cuisines - therefore, probably only 1 hot dog or 2 mexican food trucks at a time, 1 coffee vendor, maybe a couple of dessert trucks at a time, etc, etc... Could also add other businesses with trucks/trailers; flower truck, bike repair, barber, etc...

    If I can get a number and types of food trucks interested, I can then go to the landlord and see what they can do for us & costs, etc?


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  • Kimbayne

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    December 26, 2011 by Kimbayne
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