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In October 2011, Chef Anthony Bourdain was quoted[1] as saying "...and there’s the likelihood that as we reach some sort of hipster fission, the bad guys will get in. You will see an Olive Garden food truck; it’s inevitable."

The "bad guys," as he calls them, got in a long time ago. Here are but a few.

Also see: Pinterest - Corporate Food Trucks via @streetfoodfiles

Corporate Food TrucksEdit

  • Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Truck[2] Website
  • Oscar Mayer Wienermobile[3]
  • Sprinkles Cupcakes, Beverly Hills, California[4]
  • White Spot (Canada), Triple O’s On the Go [5]
DD Hearty Snacks Food Truck

Chain Restaurants, Fast Food and FranchisesEdit

New Jack in the Box Commercial - Munchie Mobile

New Jack in the Box Commercial - Munchie Mobile

New Jack in the Box® Commercial - Munchie Mobile



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