Food truck? Rolling restaurant? Mobile food service? Call it what you like; we are eyebrow deep in sausages, brie, butter and smoked meat and looking forward to dragging you down with us.

Give us some time. We are talking to southern Arizona farms and ranches, testing recipes and slogging through red tape so that we can inject more mobile food goodness into Tucson.

The Fork and Knife
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The Fork and Knife

The Owners...

...are a married couple hiding their intentions from their bosses.




Homemade - honest and local




The Fork and Knife



Food Safety

Location and Hours Edit

  • We have tires on the cart and we're not afraid to use them.
  • The hours will be long but rewarding!

Menu PlansEdit

  • Local, seasonal foods offer flavors that cannot be manufactured. Our job is to figure out how to put them together and hand them to you through our little window.
  • We will make every effort to use the resources around us.

  • Our menu is being fact, I'm cooking right now....or dreaming about cooking....or eating....


  • We wholeheartedly believe that this culinary movement that has rolled into so many U.S. towns offers great possibilities for the cook and customer. Here's an opportunity to provide honest hard-working food at a reasonable price.

  • Tucson's food trucks have shown that fine cuisine is available to a quarter of the price and To Go.

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